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Mid-Valley Irrigation
14905 Josephine Dr.
Kennett, MO, 63857
(573) 888-1465
Mid-Valley Irrigation
125 North Hwy 105
Charleston, MO, 63834
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Mid-Valley Irrigation
20986 Hwy 18 E
Monette, AR, 72447
(870) 486-5454
Valley, A Valmont Company
Valley + Diversified Agrisurance

Our insurance division, Delta Insurance Agency, offers replacement cost insurance through Diversified Agrisurance.

Unlike most insurers Diversified does not depreciate the value of your equipment – they pay full replacement or repair cost in the event of a loss. Your equipment not only holds its value; we have more covered perils than any other insurance company (see below). This insurance is the best in the industry!

Diversified Agrisurance Peril / Loss Standard Farm & Ranch Policy
Yes Wind / Tornado Yes
Yes Hail Yes
Yes Fire Yes
Yes Lightning Most
Yes Flood No
Yes Collision w/ Farm Implements No
Yes Rodent Damage No
Yes Theft Yes
Yes Vandalism / Malicious Mischief No
Yes* Mechanical / Electrical Failure No
No Faulty Design / Installation No
No Corrosion / Rust No
No Operating in Freezing Conditions No
* - Added by Endorsement (See Guidelines)

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DFS - Finance

We also represent Diversified Financial Services, offering special low-rate financing on all new Valley machines. Used Valley equipment can also be financed for an adjusted rate.

In addition to center pivots, most farm implements can be financed as well.

If you are looking for a finance option, we are happy to help! Give us a call to learn more about our low-rate financing.