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Mid-Valley Irrigation
14905 Josephine Dr.
Kennett, MO, 63857
(573) 888-1465
Mid-Valley Irrigation
125 North Hwy 105
Charleston, MO, 63834
(573) 683-6041
Mid-Valley Irrigation
20986 Hwy 18 E
Monette, AR, 72447
(870) 486-5454
Valley, A Valmont Company


Our well drilling operation began from the demand for irrigation wells in the 1960’s throughout the northern Mississippi delta region. Today we continue to serve the agriculture industry by drilling the most efficient irrigation wells possible. We utilize the Reverse Rotary method of drilling for all of our large irrigation wells. This method is unrivaled in the industry for producing the most efficient and cleanest wells possible.

We are licensed in Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky.


Our experience drilling irrigation wells has led us into drilling dewatering wells for numerous industrial and construction projects. We will drill your dewatering wells, install properly sized pumps, and install any necessary discharge pipes to remove the water. Maintenance packages are also available to monitor the wells and pumps to ensure their proper operation throughout the dewatering process.

Monitoring Wells

We are also licensed in Missouri to drill monitoring wells.