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Mid-Valley Irrigation
14905 Josephine Dr.
Kennett, MO, 63857
(573) 888-1465
Mid-Valley Irrigation
125 North Hwy 105
Charleston, MO, 63834
(573) 683-6041
Mid-Valley Irrigation
20986 Hwy 18 E
Monette, AR, 72447
(870) 486-5454
Valley, A Valmont Company

Lineshaft Turbines

We sell and service lineshaft turbine pumps capable of producing 20gpm to 50,000gpm with up to 1200’ of total dynamic head. The majority of the irrigation pumps in our area are line shaft turbines. They offer great efficiency and outstanding life expectancy.

Submersible Pumps

We sell and service submersible pumps capable of producing 3gpm to 20,000gpm with up to 1600’ of total dynamic head. Submersible pumps offer exceptional value for lower volume situations.